CHARMS is an online database system used by all LISD Fine Arts programs.  It serves to keep an accurate record of the student membership in real time.  Please utilize this database to keep all relevant contact information CURRENT. It may also be used to reference fee information, check payment status, access your student’s marching uniform and school owned instrument assignments, check band rehearsal attendance records, reference form collections, plus more!

Families are asked to access CHARMS to make changes anytime there is an updated or added phone number, email or street address, etc.  Please update these changes in CHARMS as soon as possible.  Email and phone communications from the directors and booster entities will use the current information in CHARMS.  To access:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ENTER button on the right side.
  3. Enter marcushsband in the PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS area.
  4. Click Enter Student/Parent area.
  5.  The password will be the student’s entire LISD student ID#, including any leading zeros.  Passwords can be changed by users after initial login with this info. 
  6. Click Enter.
The CHARMS password may be changed once you are initially logged in with the student ID.

If you have trouble logging in, please click here to reset the password. If you are not able to reset the password using the Charms password reset, please contact one of the directors.


To change contact information:
1.      Click on the Personal Info icon

2.      Add/Update the adult’s information

3.      Add/Update the student’s information

4.      Click the ‘UPDATE’ button after making changes

NOTE: DO NOT use a comma (,) in any of the blocks.  If you wish to put more than one email address in a block separate them using a semi-colon (;). 

Please check and verify all your info as soon as possible.

Updating Information In Charms