Why Should I Join Marcus Band?

Below are links and music education advocacy web sites, along with student "testimonials", that you can browse.
These sites discuss the many benefits - personal and educational - that exist within the band program at Marcus High School.
We hope you enjoy surfing these links

Join The Marcus Band!

 Advice for Parents

 "Music for All"- Music Advocacy Tools   (Several links to resources providing
  tools for parents, teachers, students and communities to be advocates for music in schools,
  including testimonials, benefits of music education, research findings, etc. Be sure to browse all
  links on the left of the page, inclucing Tools, Quick Facts, Why Music? Why Band? and other Links.)

 Student Testimonials(Marcus High School Band Students share thoughts about being in
  the Marcus Band.)

 Music Education Article from the Dallas Morning News.

 Article: Musicians Are Probably Smarter Than the Rest of Us

 Article: Why Your Teen Should Join Marching Band

 Article: Art Supports Science