2009-10 Student Leaders

Student Leader Mission Statement

"We proudly unite as members of the Marcus High School Band, and commit ourselves to
uphold the highest standards of excellence while passionately striving to further our
goals through unfaltering confidence, efficiency, and integrity."

Student Leaders

Drum Majors
Alto Sax
Timmy Fitzgerald Matt Osvog
Mitch McCarty
Williams Hines  
Lauren Koath Rebecca Blackmon
Connor Hamrick
Tyler Nordman  
Kevin Jones   Eli Schwartz  
Assistant Drum Major
Jason Wheaton Tuba Kyle Whyte  
Josh Dover
  Cameron McMicken    
Kaitly Harry
Low Sax Abby Grider Librarian  
Kevin Jones
Patrick Casey Ryan Hornung Tyler Goddard  
  Matthew Casey Laurin Smith Christine Bolitho  
Flute     Heather Johnson  
Cassi Flores Bass Clarinet Percussion Tori Minick  
Lezli Shelander Ryan Shelander Alex Cheatham Andrea Wright  
Kaitlyn Harry        
Jacob Macke Trumpet Tenors
Uniform Managers
Autumn Olsen Michael Krutak Tyler Caldwell Annie Blackmon  
Autumn Rogers Joey Bagazinski Forrest Moulin Caitlin Dodson  
  Will Harry Andrew Morreira So-Van Ho
Clarinet Camden Jones   Katie Hollowell  
Meridith Flanigan Jacob Oller Bass    
Sam Greer   Justin Balsters Spirit/Public Relations  
Melissa Bailiko Mellophones   Joey Branson  
Christine Filbin Emily King Front Ensemble Lindsay Dixon  
Richa Manglorkar Kathleen Coming Christina Hurlbut William Springer  
Andrew Powell Shannon Kenny Kim Kaehn Rachel Walsh  
Andrea Riojas Zach Vial James Montgomery    
Tim Pearce Sound System  
Double Reed
Chase Tucker Dylan Burney  
Rachel Enloe Alex Barr      
Jessica Feist Josh Arnold Color Guard    
  Connor Brem Cassidy Heath    
  Morgan Knowles Paige Bennett    
  Josh Snadow Taylor Francis    
    Crystal Jesko    
    Sierra Ray    
    Jacquelyne Ross RED = Section Leader  

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