2006-07 Student Leaders

Student Leader Mission Statement

"We proudly unite as members of the Marcus High School Band, and commit ourselves to
uphold the highest standards of excellence while passionately striving to further our
goals through unfaltering confidence, efficiency, and integrity."

Drum Majors Assisstant Drum Majors

Student Leaders
Drum Majors
Alto Sax
Daniel Bloss
Andrew Mount
George Minchillo
Eric Kushaney  
Sarah Ballard
Kourtney Richardson
Sean McFadden
Chad Carson  
Eric Rudkin   Gary Head  
Assistant Drum Majors
Vatche Kaftajian  
Alex Welsh
Tenor Sax
Jacob West
Scott Rohne  
Curtis Donner
Carson Talley
Curtis Donner
Bari Sax
William Hargrove  
Amy Hendrickson
Lee Derrick
Robbie Free (Captain)
Michael Pearce  
Laurel Buck
    Suzanne Spiegel  
Leah Coming
Natalie Stewart  
Caty Wright Bethany Hayes Zach Farina    
Mike Hayford
John Davis
Uniform Managers
Matt Henry
  Hannah Ashbaugh  
Alex Welsh
Taylor Lane
Pit Michelle Holcomb  
Joel Auringer
Berna Manalo Hailey Mattfield
Deon Ng
Michael Wallace Erin Welker  
Jae-Ho Song
Justin Wheeler
Valerie Sabella
Cymbal Spirit  
Bass Clarinet
Sarah Bloss
Chelsea Springer Sarah Bloss  
Christian Smith
Anna Wilfong Lexie Walker  
Kathleen Daly
  Katilin Wetherbee  
Peter Filbin
Color Guard Rebecca King  
Double Reeds
Thomas Brink
Lauren Burns    
David Pike
Taylor Stephenson
Lauren Gillen    
Michele Sterrett
Marco Cerilli
Sarah Ross    
    Danielle Tarver    
    RED = Section Leader    

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